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Create Meeting Moments powered by Rapidoo's 3-step routine:


  • Create a Meeting
  • Define the Agenda
  • Invite People


  • Assign To Dos
  • Create Meeting Minutes
  • Capture Decisions


  • Keep track of all To Dos
  • Review and Accept Minutes
  • Keep the Overview

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Create a Meeting

Create a new meeting

Start off by creating a new meeting on Rapidoo. It takes only a few seconds and your meetings is set up.

Build the agenda and automate invitations

Add the required attendees and guests from your contacts and create the agenda to structure your meeting just nicely. For this step too, it only takes a blink!

The meeting invitation is only one click on Rapidoo. Add a personal note if you like and all your attendees are well informed. The meeting agenda can now be accessed directly on Rapidoo or in the e-mail sent out to all the participants.

Meet your people and record meeting results

As soon as you meet, Rapidoo is there to record the outcomes. Meeting minutes, to dos and decisions are tracked online.

Share and confirm meeting minutes

After completing your meeting, Rapidoo shares the minutes with the attendees and provides a PDF to download. Furthermore, attendees can directly confirm and you get instant feedback.

Benefit with Rapidoo

  • 1
    Your data is safe with us

    Your data is our highest priority.
    Rapidoo stores all contents in a Swiss data center. Data security and data safety are monitored at all time and are always in line with the latest standards.

  • 2
    All Meetings available in one place

    Rapidoo helps you to organize your daily meetings. Create the agenda, invite attendees and create the meeting minutes on Rapidoo. You keep control in every step, until the work is done.

  • 3
    Track To Dos and Meeting minutes

    Keep track of all the To Dos assigned to you and your meeting attendees. Get the results quicker with automated reminders and make decisions transparant for all the people involved.

  • 4
    Invite your friends and colleagues

    Bring your friends and colleagues over and collaborate on Rapidoo. Your club activities, the party organisation, or on the Job: Meetings are more fun with Rapidoo!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens to my data on Rapidoo?

At Rapidoo we take the security and privacy of our user data very seriously. Your data is exclusively used to edit and run your meetings on our platform, savely hosted in a Swiss Data-Center. Your data is never shared with anyone else.

Whats the price tag for Rapidoo?

Rapidoo can be used on its free subscription plan. In order to access all functions with no ads, you may go for a premium subscription.

Do I always need to login to Rapidoo?

If you are in a rush and quickly need to create a meeting, you can do this directly on this page. You don't need to login, just click on "Create a meeting" and give it a go.

How to sign up?

Just click on "Sign up" and you will be asked to enter your e-mail and a personal password. And you are all set to kick it off!

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